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"Two issues are my greatest hope and concern for our community.  I think Stratford should strive for environmental excellence and sustainability - strive for zero waste disposal, for renewable energy options and for active and healthy transportation systems.  I also think our Council needs to be more open and listen to divergent voices.  Katia is a community builder, skilled communicator and has a vision for a more liveable Stratford. I'm supporting Katia because she'll bring a more consultative and collaborative approach to our city - it's what we deserve."

Geoff Love, President of Cycle Stratford, Member of the City's Energy and Environment Committee for 5 years

Dear Neighbours;

Thank You for taking the time to visit my website and learn more about me and what I hope to accomplish.

It is with great excitement I put my name forward as a Candidate for Councillor with Stratford City Council.  After watching council, covering council, meeting individuals from all across our community, covering hundreds of stories about the good, bad and the ugly throughout my Community TV production career in Stratford,  I decided I could make a difference.

Quoting George Takei --  "I am a civic busybody and I have been blessed with an active career."

My professional and life experiences have allowed me to have more than a casual look at issues affecting Stratford. I have watched our community become fractured. Residents have told me they feel left behind, left out, ignored, marginalised, forgotten, strung along, lied to. I have observed times where a motion has been made to hear someone.  No one seconds the motion and it dies on the floor. Everyone has a right to be heard. I have observed actions which I found confusing, had difficulty supporting and left me wondering if there was more to the story. Personal experience has taught me that circumstances are fragile. Single parenting experiences, affordable housing, safe transportation options, accessibility to and the affordability of community services, police support and services for vulnerable populations are areas I feel we need to attend to.

 The voice I bring to the table is truly a divergent one; eager for collaboration, informed decision making, open government, people centred planning and a voice that shouts yes we can! We can be the envy of communities our size. We can be an example the world comes to see how we do it. Begin with the end in mind. What do we want to be?  It will take honest, open and strident political will partnered with strong community action.

We are in the midst of a shift.  Negativity seems to be everywhere.  As Councillor I hope to work with my peers to shift this dynamic and aim for a progressive, proactive, age friendly, cohesive, people-centred, engaged community.  It is my hope to bring a holistic, informed decision making approach to Council meetings.  I support ensuring what we do is sustainable, good for us socially, economically and environmentally. Apart from the eleven of us sitting in Council Chambers, our stakeholders, the users of our services, our residents, must be engaged. I want to pursue open government, ensuring we are accountable. Planning is one thing.  We must deliver.

I have three objectives I wish to take action on; Re-Building Public Trust, Affordable Living and Improving Community. While you're here, please take a moment to read where I stand on these issues and how I plan on achieving my goals, with some UnCommon Sense, as I work with you to help Stratford be the best it can be.

I am asking for your support on Election Day, October 22, 2018. I have been committed to public service throughout my working life and representing you at City Council would truly be an honour and a responsibility I would not take lightly. If you have any questions, please contact me at

We should not be watching from the sidelines. Stratford should be an example of a city that works well. Let us work on what connects us. We must find a way to look after each other.

Katia -

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 Using UnCommon Sense To Tackle:

  • Re-Building Public Trust

  • Affordable Living

  • Improving Community


"I believe to be a leader is to enable others to embrace a vision, initiative or assignment in a way that we feel a sense of purpose, ownership, personal engagement, and common cause."
                                 -- Melanne Verveer