Hayley Zimak

Kerry McManus

If I still lived in Stratford, Katia Maxwell would have my vote, 100%

She is a fearless advocate for those who can't or don't know how to advocate for themselves.

She is one of the most intelligent people I know... and not just book smart. Life smart, in the way only one can be who has dealt with true trials and tribulations.

She is resilient, kind and optimistically hopeful that we can do better and be better. Of course, she leads by example every.single.day.

She cares... a lot. Genuinely. She cares about community, equality and increasing the quality of life for everyone, especially those who are often overlooked or dismissed.

This is a woman who will never feign interest, express a sentiment that doesn't ring true or share an opinion just because it's popular.

There are a million more reasons to support Katia's candidacy and if I still lived in Stratford, I would vote for her, 100%

“Katia has covered city politics for over twenty years and is keenly aware of the issues facing our community. Through producing programmes like What’s Up Stratford, she knows many stakeholders and understands the challenges they face as well as the goals they hope to achieve. Katia will be a voice for the community at City Hall. She has my vote.”

This is Kerry’s Post from October 12th. Kerry was kind enough to change her Facebook Status in support of my campaign. I am honoured to have her support. I value Kerry’s contribution to our community and she will be missed.

Voting today? You have until October 22nd.

Katia Maxwell has my vote. Throughout the campaign she has continued to impress me with her thoughtful responses and her ability to go beyond hearing the questions posed to hearing the individual.

Many have asked why I decided not to run in this election. This term has been challenging with many major projects but my greatest concern has been with how we engage with our community . In my first term, I don't remember anyone ever being on an agenda with a request to speak to Council who wasn't welcomed. It happened several times this term.

In my view, communication is best when we hear the same message. Welcoming citizens to present helps Council, staff and citizens (in attendance or watching from home) to understand different perspectives and make sense of how decisions unfold.

To change this dynamic, we need to elect individuals who understand the role is of a public servant.

We need knowledgeable, community-focused, open-minded people of character who will represent the constituents and work to make sure City Hall is a place for the people.

Katia Maxwell's insightful questions, welcoming demeanour and commitment to transparency are among many reasons she has my vote.

P.S. You don't have to vote for 10. I am planning to vote for a quorum of new voices at Council.

Marg Van Herk-Paradis

“Katia offers a unique perspective; as she seeks information, and listens for the wisdom in the conversation. She asks thought provoking questions that help her make an informed decision. This is the type of leader we need in our community!”

Rebecca Price

Geoff Love

“I have had the tremendous pleasure of getting to know Katia over the last year and a half. She is wonderfully passionate, strong willed and intelligent. Katia is someone who has such a broad and open perspective of not only Stratford, but the world at large. She has a strong skill set in working with people with needs and at risk individuals. She does this while being a feminist, and dealing with the realities of racism. I believe Katia is someone who can help lead Stratford into being an open minded and accepting community. She won’t be afraid to fight for the underdog, ask tough questions and make difficult decisions.”

“Two issues are my greatest hope and concern for our community. I think Stratford should strive for environmental excellence and sustainability - strive for zero waste disposal, for renewable energy options and for active and healthy transportation systems. I also think our council needs to be more open and listen to divergent voices. Katia is a community builder, skilled communicator and has a vision for a more liveable Stratford. I’m supporting Katia because she’ll bring a more consultative and collaborative approach to our city - it’s what we need and deserve.”